Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mailing alerts for Administrator

As a Middleware Admin, we might need to check the mail service is working or not on the Linux machine or Soloris machine on which our Weblogic running. To monitor and send the traps for issues we must have mail service enabled. In Linux how to check mail service up? We have tried to test the sendmail command from the Linux machine. with the following command:
echo "This is the body."| mailx -s "mailx Test1"
echo "test" | mailx -s "test_sub"
When I tested with the above test message got the error saying as follows: postdrop: warning: unable to look up public/pickup: No such file or directory. There is no mail service is running you validate the same with the following: We have several options checking the processes list for the pattern 'mail'.
$  ps aux | grep mail |grep -v grep
or use other option is usually the mail service on Unix machine runs on port 25, so grep it from the network status.
$  netstat -nl|grep 25
Already working but not working then how to debug that wheather it is working or not? My next choice is checking the service.

$ svcs | grep -i sendmail
$ ps -ef |grep -i sendmail

Thanks for these valuable inputs from my mate Mangaleshwaran.

Keep osting us your experience on mailx or sendmail.


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