Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Copying to multiple remote machines

Here is another interesting story of WLA (of-course mine), When I visited US in 2007 there was lot of restrictions in work places. "Hey its production you know what happen if you touch it??" "Don't open this files", "Don't enter into that folders", it will be dangerous... I know that very well what is missing in the system, where it is required a change but my hands kept criss cross!!

Days passed I got opportunity to come again on long term. Now, the whole new System is going shapeup with my hands. The system is awaiting for me since long days. :) All those sparkling colorful ideas running around my mind, got chance to flow onto the system to form various automated scripts, which are having little in size with greater capabilities.

Whenever there is a application version release the archive files(.jar, .war, .ear) need to copied to all over the remote machines. In olden days we were using 'sftp' command and its related 'put', 'mput', 'get' and 'mget' commands to complete the task. Manually double checking wheather the copying is done correct or not, by verifying in each machine content by comparing the each file sizes. Here I found a flaw that there could be chance of human error. While understanding 'Six Sigma Course', where I learnt about human errors makes greater defect to many customer's business. To avoid this better option is automation of the task as possible as much.I remembered Mr. Neil Gogte words about "Cyber Coolie". The software engineer who works as per his contractor asked him to do only those things he will do. Never think other than the work which is assigned to him. My soul shouts out 'NO!!', I cannot be a Cyber coolie any more !!

My beautiful sparkling colorful ideas SSH password less connection to multiple remote machines, powerful bright idea of 'scp' command usage with verification option built within a script come out as a wonderful shell script, which had mighty power of built-in checking with no chances of human error. When I show the execution of this script to my teammates they are very happy and appreciated me. Many productive hours are saved though this activity was disturging to other regular job. The script made almost hands free task!! Finally, That's the way team turn happy ever by using the easy script.

Script is :

# Define variables values

#=== script logic starts here ====
if [ -d $src ]
echo "Code folder found, preparing to transfer\n"
while read server
result=scp -r $src $user@${server}:$target
if [ $result -eq 0 ]
echo $server transfer done >> $Logfile
echo $server transfer failed.
done < $hostlist
echo "Code folder \"$src\" not found\n"

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  1. This is awesome i knew abt SCP am even using this but never thought how it will help in weblogic. That will surely reduce a lot of time.Thanks :)


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Blurb about this blog

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