Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autodeploy on WebLogic 11g

Today I want to test Sun One WebServer 7 proxy plug-in with WebLogic 11g. Mr. Prasanna yalam suggested to use autodeploy of simple Jsp to the connectivity.
To Autodeploy a web application in WebLogic Standalone AdminServer we need to follow the steps:1. create a Exploded folder say for example 'myweb' in domain_name/autodeploy folder2. create a Test.jsp file using any editor

Hello from WebLogic

Pavan Devarakonda

save this fileat the same folder create WEB-INF folder 3. create web.xml deployment descriptor file4. touch WEB-INF/REDEPLOY create this file for new timestamp when AdminServer lookup for the autodeployments.
verify this on the console deployments section.choose Testing tab and click on the url with Test.jsp that's all you need to do..It will give you the autodeployed application output on your browser.

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